Cherathukal lyrics | Sushin Shyam | Sithara Krishnakumar

Cherathukal lyrics | Sushin Shyam | Sithara Krishnakumar

The Malayalam song “Cherathukal” is becoming increasingly well-known among music fans in Kerala, a state in southern India. Sushin Shyam has written and composed the song. After being launched in 2019, the song instantly gained popularity among Malayalam music enthusiasts.

The idea of unrequited love and the anguish of separation is at the centre of the song’s evocative lyrics and melancholy melody. Aneesh Upasana’s music video, which stars outstanding actress Anju Kurian and deepens the song’s sad message visually, features Anju Kurian. Overall, “Cherathukal” is a stunning and depressing song that reaches out to listeners’ hearts with its unfiltered emotions and expressive words.

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Music & Song Credits

SingerSithara Krishnakumar, Sushin Shyam
LyricsAnwar Ali Singers
Music ComposerSushin Shyam
MovieKumbalangi Nights
Cherathukal lyrics_Sushin Shyam

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Cherathukal lyrics | Sushin Shyam

Cherathukal Thorum Nin Theyormayaay,
Tharaathe Pom Charuvam Ummakalaal,
Chuzhalunnoree Kuttakoorirul,
Kaziyolam Njaneriyam,
I shall remain in diyas

as the blazing memory of yours.

Till the end of this darkness,

created by the kisses un-given.

Ulakin Kadunovattum Thanuthoru,
Pularkattay Veeshidam Njaan,

I shall be the cool breeze,

healing the sorrow of the world.

Ushasin Nanamey Thorthanirangum,
Veyilayidam Paarilorunjalayalayaayi Njaan,

Shall be a towel of sunshine, wiping off the wetness of the dawn.

Varaam Ninakakashamaay,
Nirayunnoree Kannerkayangal,
Kadal Njaan Kareridam,

Shall be a swing in this world and sky inside you.

Shall sail you through the swirls of the sea of tears.

Makane Njanundarikathoru Kanakannottamaay,
Makane Njanundakalathoru Kavalmalaghayaay,

Hey son, I am always close by you, protecting you as an invisible surveillance.

Hey son, I am watching over you as a guardian angel.

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Cherathukal lyrics | Sushin Shyam

Cherathukal,” a strong and moving song by Sithara Krishnakumar and Sushin Shyam, has struck a chord with listeners in Kerala and beyond. A moving and evocative musical experience is created by the heartfelt music composition, the ominous melody, and the moving words by Vinayak Sasikumar.

The concept of unrequited love and alienation is further deepened by the music video, which stars Anju Kurian. Overall, “Cherathukal” is a stunning and stirring song that brilliantly displays the tremendous genius of its writers and makes a deep effect on its listeners.

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