Thankathinkal lyrics | Kilukkam – Priyadarshan

Thankathinkal lyrics | Kilukkam – Priyadarshan

The beautiful Malayalam song Thankathinkal is well-liked by music lovers. M.G. Sreekumar sang the song for the Priyadarshan-directed film Kilukkam and Thankathinkal lyrics was composed by Sharreth. Songwriter Bichu Thirumala is responsible for the song’s lyrics. Soon after its release, the song saw tremendous success, and it is still a favourite among music fans today. In this article, we’ll look into the emotions and sentiments that the song “Thankathinkal” evokes as well as the lyrics’ relevance and deeper meaning.

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Music & Song Credits

SingerM.G. Sreekumar
LyricsBichu Thirumala
Music ComposerSharreth

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Thankathinkal lyrics | Pambaram – Song Lyrics

Kilukil Pamparam Thiriyum Maanasam

Ariyaathambili Mayangu Vavavooo

Umm Mmmm Chanchakkam Umm Mmmm Chanchakkam

Panineer Chandrike Iniyee Poonkavil

Kuliril Melle Nee Thazhukuu Vavavooo

Umm Mmm Chanchakkam Umm Mmm Chanchakkam

Meda Manjum Moodiyee Kunnum Poikayum

Paal Nilavin Shayyayil Mayangum Velayil

Thalam Poya Ninnil Meyum Novumaay

Thaane Veenurangu Thennal Kannyake

thaarakangal thunnumee raavin menavil
umm mmmm chanchakkam umm mmmm chanchakkam

kilukil pamparam thiriyum maanasam

ariyaathambili mayangu vavavooo

Umm Mmm Chanchakkam Umm Mmm Chanchakkam

Ethu Vavin Kauthukam Mizhiyil Vangi Nee

Ethu Poovin Saurabham Thanuvil Thangi Nee

Thaane Ninte Ormmathan Chaayam Manjatho

kaalam neytha jaalamo maaya jaalamo

thenju poya thinkale vavo vavavo

umm mmmm chanchakkam ummm mmm chanchakkam

panineer chandrike iniyee poonkavil

Kuliril Melle Nee Thazhukuu Vavao

Panineer Chandrike Iniyee Poonkavil

Kuliril Melle Nee Thazhukuu Vavavooo

Umm Mmm Chanchakkam Umm Mmmm Chanchakkam

Umm Mmm Umm Mmmm

Thankathinkal lyrics – Video

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Thanks to its heartfelt lyrics and catchy tune, Thankathinkal lyrics is a classic Malayalam song that has won the hearts of countless listeners. The message of love and longing in the song has connected with listeners, making it a go-to music for a variety of events.

This song is a masterpiece that will never stop inspiring and touching people’s lives thanks to M.G. Sreekumar’s heartfelt performance and Sharreth’s superb music creation. “Thankathinkal” is proof of the impact of music and how it can unite individuals from different cultures and social strata.

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