CAT Netflix review: Is CAT Worth Watching?

CAT Netflix review: Is CAT Worth Watching?

The Netflix original series Cat, which stars Randeep Hooda, Suvinder Vicky, Hasleen Kaur, Gurinder Makna, Kavya Thapar, Geeta Agarwal, and others, debuted with its eight episodes, each of which lasted between 40 and 48 minutes.

Balwinder Singh Janjua is the film’s director, Umesh Gupta is its editor, and he co-wrote the screenplay with Rupinder Chahal, Jimmy Singh, Anil Rodhan, and others.

It is only appropriate for adults because it depicts mature themes like drug abuse and sexual violence.

CAT Netflix review

This brand-new thriller series CAT, in which Randeep Hooda plays the lead role, checks off every requirement set forth by Netflix’s algorithm for thrillers.

Drugs, murder, sex, betrayal, corruption, and a greater emphasis on story twists than the plethora of characters are all present. CAT tells the tale of Gurnam, who is forced to revert to being an informant to save the life of his drug-dealing brother.

He was once one as CAT during the 1990s insurgency. What comes next is a flurry of events. Here is a full review of the Netflix series “CAT.”


Cat tells the tale of Gurnam, who is forced to revert to being an informant to save the life of his drug-dealing brother. During the 1990s insurgency, he used to be one as CAT, but he now needs to speak out against the terrifying Punjabi drug mafia. 

It forces him to confront his troubled past. Will he be able to defeat the drug cartel through politics, corruption, and crime, or will he get lost in this game of mouse and cat? You’ll have to keep an eye on the series for that.

The fact that so many things are happening at once while still allowing for a seamless integration of each character’s backstory is another lovely yet challenging aspect of the story. There is plenty to look forward to, whether Madam Aulakh, Shamsher, or Kimmy; it’s enough to keep you interested.

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CAT Netflix reviews

CAT Netflix review: Performances

Randeep Hooda always tries something new; you want to see more of him. He never fails to deliver as an actor who focuses on producing quality work. He is skilled at maintaining delicacy while also being assertive, acting as the responsible older brother or an informant. 

You’ll recognize which ones once you’ve seen it through, but there are some scenes where you feel strongly despite knowing it is just him acting.

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Hasleen and Suvinder both contribute significantly to moving the plot along smoothly. 

The former, a seasoned professional, is consistently excellent at what he does, and Hasleen’s portrayal of Babita is yet another powerful performance that doesn’t disappoint. 

Everyone performs their parts flawlessly in their many supporting roles; special recognition goes to young Gurnam for striking the right balance between innocence and vengeance.

Bottom Line

If crime thrillers are your favorite, you can count on staying wholly engrossed in the Netflix series. Cat is one of the better Hindi series this year, especially in light of the rapid release of numerous series in the same genre.

A well-paced thriller, it eventually ties up all of its loose ends to create a satisfying whole that entices you to watch the next episode.
Although it initially appears somewhat akin to Udta Punjab, it later fleshes out numerous subplots under its umbrella, perhaps a few too many.

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However, the labyrinth still traps you in its bewildering appearance.
CAT has the complexity of “Wasp Network” and the tenderness of “Razi.” It has a gripping background score, outstanding performances, and an exciting story told compellingly. On Netflix, it is roaring with feline ferocity rather than meowing, so watch now!

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