Top 5 Ekta Kapoor Bold Web Series you can watch in Alt Balaji

Top 5 Ekta Kapoor Bold Web Series you can watch in Alt Balaji

Alt Balaji’s content is available on 32 various interfaces. It touts itself as India’s largest OTT content platform. In Alt Balaji, you may watch movies, TV shows, music videos, comedy shows, and many other original contents. 

There is a lot of content on ALTBalaji that is contentious. Its web series has recently experienced significant growth. An Indian celebrity film director and producer, Ekta Kapoor, frequently makes headlines because of her unique and bold web series and television soap operas. 

Top 5 Ekta Kapoor Bold Web Series you can watch in Alt Balaji
Top 5 Ekta Kapoor Bold Web Series you can watch in Alt Balaji

She owns the 1994-founded production company for movies and television called Balaji Telefilms. She has produced massive online series, TV shows, and films. 

If you are looking for the top 5 Ekta Kapoor Bold Web Series, we’ve compiled a list of the top five Alt Balaji bold shows for viewing pleasure. It is advisable to watch it alone, away from your loved ones.

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Top 5 Ekta Kapoor Bold Web Series List

Gandi Baat

Gandii Baat, one of Ekta Kapoor’s most well-known sensual web series, also known as “Dirty Talk” in English, features a different story from India’s rural past in each part. 

Gandii Baat has thus far had two seasons, each with four episodes, released by Alt Balaji. The background of the story told in each episode, which features fictitious but sensual tales, is rural India.

Ragini MMS Returns

This web series is another in the top 5 Ekta Kapoor Bold Web Series; however, it would be more accurate to classify it as horror. The story centers on Ragini, who transferred to a new college and discovered that new ghosts and tales were haunting her. 

Karishma Sharma, Varun Sood, Sneha Namanandi, and Nishkarsh Arora appear in this web series as cast members. Therefore, this list must have demonstrated the breadth of Ekta Kapoor’s output. She is unstoppable and never stops thinking of new stories to amuse us. She is undoubtedly a woman who excelled in a field where men predominate.

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XXX: Uncensored

It is among the sexiest and the top 5 Ekta Kapoor Bold Web Series. This web series is episodic, meaning each episode tells a different story, just like Gandii Bat. 

The series has five episodes, each with a unique story and premise. The primary actors in the web series, Rithvik Dhanjani, and Kyra Dutt, have recreated the Gandii Bat successfully.


Bekaboo is a sensual, bold, thriller web series featuring explicit sexual elements. The narrative centers on the pleasure and suffering of pornographic writer Kiyaan Roy (Rajeev Siddharta).

Kiyaan and his advisor Anaysha (Madhu Sneha), are preparing for their engagement and are in a good relationship. Their intimate relationship is rife with sex and sensual conversation in bed. However, Kiyaan has an obsessive stalker in Kashti who shares similar goals with him (Priya Banerjee).

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The author’s decision to take a significant risk with Kashti negatively affects his personal and professional life. The #MeToo movement is reflected in the episodes. 

The outcome and any shocking revelations will have to be seen on the broadcast by viewers. The first season’s episodes run about twenty minutes each. If you are looking for the top 5 Ekta Kapoor Bold Web Series, remember to watch this one.

Broken But Beautiful

The story of Veer and Sameera, a hurt couple, is titled Broken but Beautiful. Veer and Sameera have experienced difficulties in their romantic relationships and have experienced breakups. 

It is one of the top 5 Ekta Kapoor Bold Web Series that chronicles the tale of two people’s love, romances, breakups, and never-ending romance. 

The web series focuses on suffering, second chances, heartbreak, and romance. Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi are cast members as Veer and Sameera in this web series. Watch the beautiful romantic, sensuous thriller Broken But Beautiful on ALT Balaji. 

Top 5 Ekta Kapoor Bold Web Series you can watch in Alt Balaji

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Final words

In her career, Ekta Kapoor has produced numerous movies and web series. Additionally, keeping track of all the shows could be very challenging. 

However, all the above-given top 5 Ekta Kapoor Bold Web Series are available on Alt Balaji. You can view one free episode of premium videos without a subscription. 

Following that, you must pay a subscription charge. There are no restrictions on the free stuff you can watch. If registered and subscribed offline, you may also watch Ekta Kapoor web series videos. Registered users can download only free videos; subscribers can download all videos.

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