Sheryl Sandberg, is stepping down as CEO of Facebook's parent company, Meta.

On Wednesday, Sandberg, 52, revealed the shocking news in a Facebook post. Let's discuss more possible reasons behind her Surprise move.

Sandberg was a key figure in transforming Facebook from a free social network to one of the world's most powerful social media platforms.

Outside of Facebook, she became a public face of the company, mingling with legislators and debating rules that would affect the company.

The exit of Sandberg may have connected with his boyfriend Bobby Kotick's resignation from Activision Blizzard amid a sexual harassment scandal. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sandberg requested a British tabloid to refrain from reporting on her former boyfriend.

Kotick's ex-girlfriend had obtained a temporary restraining order against him following harassment charges.

According to the Journal, Sandberg's advisors were concerned that the narrative would harm Sandberg's reputation as a feminist advocate.

However, According to a Meta spokesperson, Sandberg's departure has nothing to do with the Kotick incident.

"She was not driven out or fired," Nkechi Nneji, a Meta representative, claimed.