Danny Bonaduce is battling a "mystery ailment" that has doctors baffled, but he's taking the news with a cane.

The former "Partridge Family" star announced on Twitter on April 29 that he would be taking a "temporary medical absence" from his radio show.

"I'm still working on getting a diagnosis, and I know that I require time to focus on my health. 

Bonaduce wrote this with a photo of himself using a cane.

Celia Danny's sister stated that her brother's medical condition is still unknown, although she did reveal why he currently requires a cane.

We're not kidding when we claim this is a "mystery illness." "She stated. "In layman's terms, his equilibrium stinks—really stinks.

Despite the uncertainty, Danny's sister believes in the doctors in Seattle.

Why Danny Bonaduce Announces Retirement for a Mysterious Illness? Get the Real Story