Despite being only the second lead singer of The Partridge Family series, David Cassidy became one of the 1970s' biggest teen idols.

It was simple to locate ladies who wanted to be with him, and his co-star Susan Dey developed feelings for the actor/singer.

When Dey revealed her feelings, things did not go well.

On The Partridge Family, David and Susan portrayed siblings Laurie and Keith Patridge.

On the other hand, Susan was developing a major crush on her co-star in real life, and his co-star did not reply.

Shirley Jones, who played the show's mother, Shirley Partridge, recalled in Cassidy's 1994 memoir, "Susan had a great crush on David."

During their time on the show, Dey and Cassidy became close.

Cassidy, who was several years Dey's senior, saw her as nothing more than a younger sister.

Dey proposed to Cassidy and stated that she desired an intimate relationship.

However, things did not go as planned, and Cassidy still regarded Dey as a sister rather than one of the women he slept with regularly.