Pal ek pal lyrics in english – Arijit Singh | Shreya Ghoshal

Pal ek pal lyrics in english – Arijit Singh | Shreya Ghoshal

The gifted singers Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal are known for their hit Hindi song Pal Ek Pal. Their extraordinary vocal prowess is on full display in this melodic piece, which also perfectly expresses the sentiment of love and longing. Pal ek pal lyrics in english has had a profound impact on listeners thanks to its poignant lyrics and soul-stirring music, making it a beloved addition to the catalogue of these well-known performers.

The music has been composed by Javed – Mohsin and lyrics penned by Prashant Ingole & Kunaal Vermaa. The song is a super hit melody from the movie Jalebi.

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Music & Song Credits

SongPal ek Pal
SingerArijit Singh & Shreya Ghoshal
LyricsPrashant Ingole & Kunaal Vermaa
Music ComposerJaved – Mohsin
Pal ek pal lyrics in english

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Pal ek pal lyrics in English – Arijit Singh | Shreya Ghoshal

Pal aik pál mein hi tham sa gáya,
Tu haath mein háath jo de gayaa,

Everything stopped in a moment,
When you held my hand with yours .

Cháloon main jahan jáaye tu
Daayein máin tere baayein tu,
Hoon rut main háwayein tu, sathiyá.

I shall follow wherever you are going.
You’re always by my side when I look,
I am the season and you’re the breeze, Sweetheart.

Hasoon main jab gáaye tu
Ro’un main jab murjháaye tu
Bheegoon main barsaáye tu, sathiya.

I laugh when you sing,
I cry when you wither away,
I get drenched in the shower of your love, Sweetheart.

Saáya mera hai teri shakál
Haal hai áisa kuch aajkál,

My shadow looks just like you,
My condition is such these days.

Subah main hoon tu dhoop hai,
Máin aayiná hoon tu roop hai
Ye tera sáath khoob hai humsáfar.

If I am dawn, you’re the rays of the sun,
I’m a mirror and you’re the image,
Your company of yours is so loving, Oh companion.

Tu ishq ke sáre rang de gaya
Phir kheech ke ápne sang le gaya
Káheen bhi kho jayein chal
Jaháan ye ruk jaayein chal
Kábhi na phir aaye kall saathiya.

You gave me all the colors of love,
And pulled me towards yourself,
Let’s get lost somewhere,
Where the time shall stop forever,
And tomorrow never comes, Sweetheart.

Aik maange agar sau khaab doon,
Tu rahe khush main abaad hoon
Tu sabse judaa-judaa sa hai
Tu apni tarah-tarah sa hai
Mujhe lagta nahi hai tu doosra.

If you want, I’ll give you a million dreams,
If you’re happy then so am I,
You’re unique,
You’re same like me.
You don’t feel different to me.

Pal ek pal mein hi thum sa gaya
Tu haath mei haath jo de gaya,

Everything stopped in a moment, when you held my hand with yours.

Chalu mai jahan jaaye tu
Dayein mai tere bayein tu
Hu rut main hawayein tu sathiya.

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Pal ek pal lyrics in english – Arijit Singh | Jalebi

The fascinating song Pal ek pal lyrics in english from the movie Jalebi highlights the extraordinary talents of Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal. The emotional depth of the lyrics and their soulful performance have made this song incredibly well-liked among music fans.

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