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Kagadada doniyalli lyrics – Kirik Party | Vasuki Vaibhav

Kagadada doniyalli lyrics – Kirik Party | Vasuki Vaibhav

Vasuki Vaibhav created the well-known Kannada song Kagadada doniyalli lyrics, which appears in the film “Kirik Party.” With its catchy sounds and poignant lyrics, this upbeat and energising song has captured fans’ attention. This piece, which showcases Vasuki Vaibhav’s musical genius, makes for an engaging and pleasurable listening experience. With its youthful and spirited atmosphere, “Kagadada Doniyalli” has become a favourite among Kannada music aficionados.

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Music & Song Credits

SongKaagadada Doniyalli
SingerVasuki Vaibhav
LyricsJayanth Kaikini
Music ComposerB Ajaneesh Lokanath
AlbumKaagadada Doniyalli
Kagadada doniyalli lyrics

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Kagadada doniyalli lyrics – Kirik Party | Vasuki Vaibhav

Kagadada Doniyalli, Na Kooruvantha Hothayithe,
Kanasida Haniyondu, Kannalle Koothu Muthayithe,
Is it time for me to set sail on a paper boat?

Has an unseen tear sat ensconced as a pearl in my eye?

Haguragitheno Nanedeya Bhara,
Kanditheno Thampada Theera,

Can my heavy heart be unburdened?

Is it possible to seek familiar shores?

Sikkeethe Mundhina Dari, Nannella Kalpane Meeri,
Innonde Vismaya Thori,

Will the path ahead look upon me kindly?

And surpass my imagination?

And also show me some love?

Hadiyali Hekkida Nenapina, Puta Jolige Bennallide,
Hadadire Savira Padagal, Mooka Sethuve Kanmundide,

On my shoulder hangs a bag of my memories.

A bridge made of a thousand unspoken words lies ahead of me.

Ee Hejjeya Guruthellava, Alisuthiro Malegalave,
Na Ninnaya Madilalliro, Barigalina Maguvaguve,
Manasagitheno Innu Udhara, Banditheno Nanna Bidara,

The rains threaten to wipe away my footsteps.

I long to return to a life of innocence in your arms.

My heart is filled with generosity and I hope to now find my way home.

Sikkeethe Mundhina Dari, Nannella Kalpane Meeri,
Innonde Vismaya Thori,

Unopened doors lie ahead. New roads lie ahead

Unspoken silence lies ahead.

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Kagadada doniyalli lyrics – Rakshit Shetty | Jayanth Kaikini 

The mesmerising Kannada song Kagadada doniyalli lyrics by Vasuki Vaibhav from the movie “Kirik Party” has a profound effect on listeners. The song has gained popularity among music lovers thanks to its upbeat beats, profound lyrics, and superb composition by Vasuki Vaibhav.

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