The Kerala High Court dismissed his plea on Tuesday seeking to dismiss murder conspiracy charges against him.

The Kerala Police filed the FIR against the actor in connection with a 2017 sexual assault case.

In addition to the criminal conspiracy case, Dileep is the eighth accused in the 2017 sensational Kerala actor assault case.

In January of this year, the conspiracy case stemmed from allegations that Dileep and five other men plotted to murder five police officers investigating the actor's assault.

Dileep had claimed in his plea that there was no evidence in the murder conspiracy FIR to indicate the commission of any of the offenses attributed to him or the other accused.

Malayalam film director Balachandra Kumar has also leveled several allegations against Dileep in connection with the case. 

He had shared the audio recordings that resulted in the new charges against Dileep, who was also charged with criminal intimidation and other offenses.

Sophia Jayden

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