Urfi Javed, nicknamed Uorfi's daring and unique dress choices, never fails to catch everyone's attention.

Her costumes have frequently been labeled odd, and netizens never cease criticizing her appearance.

Nonetheless, she remains unaffected and continues to astound people with her ensembles.

This time, she appeared with a bralette and a short skirt that appeared to be made of aluminum foil.

Urfi was seen posing for photos as usual. She wore a blazer with her dress.

She also gave out umbrellas and candy to the paparazzi.

Netizens, on the other hand, mocked her for her current wardrobe.

Many people have expressed their dissatisfaction at seeing Urfi dressed bizarrely.

Some even questioned why she was wearing this, which did nothing to hide her figure adequately.

Urfi recently changed her name to Uorfi. When asked about it, the response was quite fascinating!

She stated that she had consulted a numerologist, who advised her that altering her name would bring her success.

Urfi also said that she decided this for her success and financial gain.