Sadhguru arrived in India after traveling through the bone-chilling chill of Europe and the scorching heat of the Arabian desert.

After departing from Port Sultan Qaboos, Sadhguru sailed for three days in the Indian Ocean.

The Indian Navy greeted him with a spirited rendition of the Save Soil Anthem.

The fundamental goal of the Save Soil Movement is to persuade all nations worldwide to require a minimum of 3-6% organic content in agricultural soils.

Civilizations will crumble if there are food shortages. Sadhguru warned during a Save Soil event.

Sadhguru emphasized that the topsoil, or the first 15-18 inches of soil, is "the crème of the world," containing "zillions of life forms."

Sadhguru stated that it takes 600-800 years to generate one inch of soil without humans.

As a "generation," we have the opportunity to create a significant turnaround in the next 10-15 years."

Nearly 30% of India's fertile soils have already become barren and incapable of producing crops.

Sadhguru launched the Save Soil movement in March 2022 to stop this disaster.