According to reports, Gerard Pique has counter-offered Shakira because he wants his kids to live with him in Barcelona, Catalonia.

Milan Piqué Mebarak and Sasha Piqué Mebarak are their two sons.

The former couple will shortly appear in court to determine who will have custody of the children.

Shakira desires that they move to reside with her in Miami as soon as she is granted custody of her children.

She claims they only reside in Barcelona due to Gerard Pique's obligations to FC Barcelona.

The Colombian singer has already charged that Gerard Pique's actions are ruining their children's quality of life.

However, Gerard Pique wants his children to remain in Barcelona with him to complete their education with their present group of friends.

He has made an offer to Shakira that might alter the Colombian singer's life in exchange for granting him custody of his children.

He promised to provide five first-class tickets so she could visit her children whenever she wanted.

The FC Barcelona defender will also pay off a debt Shakira now owes by giving her 400 000 euros.