The music performed by the "Name That Tune" band comes from talented singers who are part of the Australian music world. 

The band is led by American Idol alum Randy Jackson, who has experience finding some of the best artists in his own country. 

With such a strong head on the group's shoulders, we can assume that there are some of Australia's finest onstage. 

So, who are these mystery singers? Keep reading to find out.

Reigan Derry

Aussie pop sensation Reagan first rose to fame after appearing on Australian Idol and ended the competition in seventh place in 2010.

Reagan performed in the band with Scarlet Belle until the band was dismantled in 2011.

André Keuneman

André Keuneman, a singer, came into the limelight in the music industry only five years ago as he released his first EP called "Uncomfortable Conversationalist" in 2020.

Carlos Major

Carlos Major is the band's resident Latin artist from Australia. Carlos launched his debut album, I Am Major, and his music video for the tune "Mana" has over 16,000 views on YouTube.

Hayley Teal

According to Hayley's Instagram bio, she's done a lot of singing work for a lot of fox shows, including The X Factor: Australia, where she came in sixth place, and The Voice Australia.