Mark Zuckerberg has high aspirations for Meta, including the platform's monetization.

Meta Pay has replaced Facebook Pay as the first step toward becoming a digital wallet for the Metaverse, said Zuckerberg in a Facebook post yesterday.

However, the software element will not alter significantly, at least not immediately.

Meta Pay, a renamed version of Facebook Pay, and a digital wallet for the Metaverse were launched.

For the time being, most Meta Pay functionalities will be the same as those of Facebook Pay.

The MetaPay will be used as the same Facebook pay to send money and donate to causes.

In the future, the Metaverse would have a variety of digital objects that individuals might make or purchase.

This could include digital art, films, music, apparel, attending virtual events, having metaverse experiences, and other activities.

For all of these activities, the new Meta Pay will serve as a digital wallet.

To cut short, Meta Pay is a digital wallet for all Metaverse experiences.

Buying and selling digital goods on the Meta platform will create a bigger opportunity for the creators