Kentaro Miura, a world-renowned manga artist, died in May of last year at 54, leaving his continuing series, Berserk, incomplete.

Berserk will now continue under the supervision of Kouki Mori, according to Young Animal, the comic book publisher that serialized it.

Miura's close buddy and manga artist in his own right.

Mori claims that he learned how Miura intended to end the Berserk story from discussions previous to Miura's death.

He intends to bring the manga to its natural conclusion with the help of other Miura's assistants.

Berserk is one of Miura's most famous works, a dark fantasy manga set in a horrific medieval-inspired environment.

It began serialization in 1989 and has influenced other kinds of fiction.

Miura's influence may be found in video games such as Dark Souls, Castlevania, and Vagabond.

Berserk has touched many fans' hearts, and Mr. Miura would be pleased to know that his ideas have significantly impacted people's lives and work," said Young Animal.