Dave Chappelle, the comedian, has purchased a big plot to prevent a land developer from constructing development in the little Ohio village.

Oberer Land Developers, Ltd. announced plans to create a massive subdivision on land they owned in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

The subdivision would have required 52 acres of land when the Yellow Springs town council met in public to examine the plans.

Chappelle stated that he did not approve.

He also threatened to shut down his business, the Firehouse Eatery, a restaurant/comedy club.

Despite Chappelle's efforts, the proposal was approved by the council. But it's not quite over.

According to TMZ, Dave purchased at least 19 acres of Oberer's property, effectively blocking Oberer's ambitions.

Chappelle, originally from Washington, D.C., relocated to Yellow Springs in the early 2000s, at the height of his fame.

Chappelle has stated that as a child, he frequently travelled to Ohio to see his father after his parents divorced.

He lives there now with his wife and three children.