The soulful voice of Arijit Singh is a natural masterstroke in contemporary Bollywood filmmaking.

The tunes have captivated the audience for as long as we can remember.

The popularity of songs is rarely affected by whether or not a film is a box-office success.

As a result, Bollywood singers, like actors, charge a high fee for their services.

Arijit Singh's sold-out concerts testify to his genius.

The 34-year-old earns Rs 15 lakh for every song due to his unparalleled popularity.

In 2022, the musician who sings in Hindi and Bengali will embark on a tour across America, bringing his excellent sound to you.

Arijith Singh North Ameria live tour 2022

If Arijit Singh is the king of slow music, Neha Kakkar knows how to get you rocking.

Kakkar is paid in the same range as Singh, about Rs 10-15 lakh each song.

Badshah established himself in Bollywood as a masculine voice of hype music.

Badshah's music features a fantastic beat drop in addition to his deep voice.

The singer's remuneration is on the high side, estimated to be over Rs 20 lakh for one song.